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The best stories are often from people who are in long-distance relationships because there was something about that first meeting that convinced them that it was worth trying to make a long-distance relationship work. I met him when I went on a solo backpacking trip around Europe. I’d never been in a long-distance relationship before—never mind with someone who literally lived on the other side of the world!

I hope you’re not currently experiencing one of those days in your LDR, but if you are, I do have some tips for you.

I was most likely the target of a foreign criminal extortion ring.” According to the , Kintner claimed that investigators had “traced the scam to a small crime syndicate based in the Ivory Coast and using Russian computers.

Recorded video of the exchange was never saved on his computer, Kintner said.

“Make me pleasure.” That Facebook message was directed at Bill Kintner, a 55-year-old Nebraska state senator, while the politician was in Boston for a conference last July. Within minutes, [Diedeort] threatens to post the video on You Tube and share it with [Kintner's] Facebook friends if he doesn't wire ,500 to an account in the Ivory Coast, which she claimed was for a deaf child.

Be prepared for the pun, the double entendre, and other verbal techniques to 'keep the issue alive.'" Chambers then offered up a free sample: reported on August 19, however, this would require a special session that could cost more than ,000 in a state where legislators make just ,000 a year.

Kintner argued that this would be a waste of money, “especially at a time when our state is facing current and projected tax receipt shortfalls.” On September 6, Chambers released another "Kintner-gram" that got weirdly personal about the whole mess. " "If so, take your pants off," coos she, "show me you're a man of steel." (She's his Wonder Woman, with her super powers, hot and stacked; Could it be Clark Kintner sought from her the OOMPH! ) (Chambers did respond in an October 8 op-ed, which concluded: "I shall remain as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar in my quest to remove the 'Kintner blight' from the Legislature by my choice of means.

“We’re not the etiquette police,” the Commission's vice chairman told a local paper.

As voters nationally go to the polls to pick the future direction of the country, Nebraska's legislature remains consumed with Kintner.

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It was most likely a totally ordinary day: They went to meet a friend at a party. It was a lot of trial and error, and there were some days where it felt way too difficult.