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Dan clarks guide to dating 2016

also became known as a place where new talent could be seen; a place where aspiring artists could get their start.On the November 22, 1957 show, for example, two young singers using the name “Tom & Jerry” appeared.And the neighborhood where American Bandstand’s WFIL TV studio was located was also mixed racially.However, the on-screen studio audience of – especially in the early and mid-1950s – wasn’t their favorite kind of music to begin with, and so there was some self exclusion.first went national with ABC in August 1957, Lee Andrews and the Hearts appeared among the first guests performing their song, “Long Lonely Nights.” In that year as well, other black artists also appeared, including Jackie Wilson, Johnny Mathis, Chuck Berry, Mickey & Sylvia, and others.African American artists would continue to appear on the show in fairly regular order over the years.

Teenagers came to Philadelphia from wide and far for a chance to dance on the show.

Y., Dick Clark had been a radio disc jockey as a student at Syracuse University.

By 1951, when he landed a job at ABC’s WFIL station in Philadelphia, he worked in radio, regarded as too youthful looking to be a credible TV newscaster.

ABC did require him to divest his outside ventures, more than 30 by one count, including a number of record labels. Musically, the sound on was one of the few places on television where ethnically-mixed programming could be seen.

Still, Clark and moved to Los Angeles, in part to facilitate Clark’s expansion into other TV ventures and film production. In fact, Clark later claimed that he had integrated the show in the 1950s when he became host – a claim later challenged by at least two authors.

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The duo would later become known as Simon & Garfunkel. It was on also played another critical role — especially for mainstream culture and the music business.

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