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He asked if any of the singles from that group still come here.” I texted Debbie, “Thanks, Deb, you have always been so thoughtful and considerate of customers, always helping them. ” Always being the diplomat, Debbie responded, “He is older—guessing late 70s, maybe 80. He took his girlfriend of 13 years to a community center Valentine’s Day party, but something happened; she is no longer his girlfriend.” Thinking that Ray must be very sad or might not be able to cope with being alone—after all, it was just five days since the alleged breakup—I phoned him and left a message. 22, leaving this message: “The reason I called you: I was a single.I was prepared to tell Ray to take a deep breath, think about what happened and not be so eager to rush out and replace his girlfriend; also, there is no place of which I’m aware in south Orange County where older men go to hang out to meet older women close to their age. My woman-friend and I broke up after Valentine’s Day.I wish him success.” Perhaps, in 2020, the Tom Blake is a Dana Point resident and a former Dana Point businessman who has authored several books on middle-aged dating.See his websites findingloveafter50.com, and travelafter55 To receive Tom’s weekly online newsletter, sign up at findingloveafter50 Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Mae Sebera, has been spotted at several Knicks games since the two became an item. When I owned Tutor and Spunky’s Deli for 25 years on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, it became a gathering place for older singles.I sold the deli four years ago to Jim and Shelley Mouzakis, who have continued operating it as a popular locals’ place to eat.Best of Dana Point Magazine 10 years in a row, including 2019.

We are happy now, but if it happens again, I will call you.The result: they often end up breaking the new woman’s heart. I didn’t find out what transpired in Ray’s case—why they broke up or why they got back together; he didn’t say.I notified Debbie that Ray was already back with his girlfriend. Oh, well, we gave him the best customer service we could provide.Dana Bash and boyfriend, Spencer Garrett enjoy their vacation in Nantucket, Massachusetts in August 2017 Even after years of dating, Dana and her boyfriend are still going strong.While they have no immediate plans on getting married, a wedding may follow soon. She had to go through multiple relationships, getting married twice.

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The love life of political correspondent for , Dana Bash proves that falling in love is possible even after a failed marriage in the past!

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