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It seemed like I’d never be old enough to get married and it’s all I wanted to think about.Adults tried to warn me that childhood is a short season and adulthood lasts forever, but I didn’t listen and didn’t care. When I think back to all of those years I wasted on pointless relationships, I have considered what I would do with all those years if I could have them back. Perhaps I would’ve played basketball on a real team instead of just in gym class.Children were taught trades and homemaking skills so that they were ready for adulthood responsibilities when they were older.Marriage also often occurred at earlier ages (most of your grandparents were probably married before the age of 20).Not to say that this method was perfect by any means; however, dating (or what was previously called “courting”) did not begin until the young man and woman were old enough to start realistically considering marriage. In our culture now, it is considered “normal” for two thirteen year olds to go to the movies and have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend.

Such experience will be helpful once you are ready to start dating (i.e., ready to consider marriage); however, the more casual dating relationships you have before getting married, the more baggage you will likely carry into your marriage.

I would have explored several hobbies and probably gained a lot of skills that I wish I had today.

I would’ve enjoyed my time with family more instead of staying locked away in my room on the phone. My friends would have had more of my attention and I could have given them more of myself instead of making them listen to my latest relationship drama. When you’re young and growing, it seems like adulthood will never come.

During the forming years, when kids are learning about relationships, they are experiencing what it’s like to move around carelessly from person to person. it is all the more tempting to look for other options when the going gets tough.

The dangers of dating too early often educates a person in normalizing the process of breaking up (i.e., divorcing) and does not teach a person how to work through in order to have a happy, healthy, life-long marriage.

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She left everything she knew and moved to a new town with her new husband.

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