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This was the position when the Japanese attacked in 1941.

When Clementi put forward his plan for a Malayan Union in 1931, it was criticized severelly.

But as TV seeks more representation of people with physical or developmental challenges, it's important to present accurate and honest portrayals, while not defining characters solely by their condition, says Freddie Highmore ("I appreciate the way in which Shaun is a fully formed character.

The different political units in the country each had their own particular interests and the various races too had no common aim.

There was a general lack of Malayan consciousness for the individual regarded himself as a member of a state or a community and not as a citizen of the country as a whole.

The Federated States were afraid of incurring financial loss and they were reluctant in supporting the underdeveloped states.

But soon after his retirement, the federation was faced with a good deal of criticisms.

The first open criticism of over-centralization was voiced by Sultan Idris of Perak at the Durbar of Rulers, held in Kuala Lumpur in 1903.

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