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Dating a celebrity guy

Everyone wanted to be his friend, and I wanted to be his only girl.ltimately, during our relationship, I met someone else and realized I wanted to be in a serious relationship with him. When it comes to celebrities, we tend to become enamored with the person we thinkthey are, not the person they actually are.

I would definitely never take a picture of a person without their knowledge while they slept in my bed.

And when we lack confidence, we also tend to seek reassurance from the wrong people.

The most important lesson I learned is that the people in our real lives deserve our adoration more than the celebrity figures we see on social media.

One night, he announced he was doing a surprise show in my city and I immediately jumped at the chance to see him live. Besides, maybe you’ll meet him if you go alone.”I posted something online about needing new friends. As my friends correctly predicted, I actually ended up meeting him and a few of his friends after the show.

I joined him at a pool party the next day, and from there, it seemed we got along pretty well.

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One day, she unexpectedly meets someone who teaches her to live and cherish life instead of letting it revolve on ambition.