Dating a gillette razor

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Dating a gillette razor

As the name suggests, this razor has three spring-mounted blades.The three blades are positioned progressively so each blade gets a little closer to the skin than the one before.The handle has also been designed with ergonomic side grips for better handling and control.The lubrication strip has been enhanced to provide a comfortable shave with zero friction, no redness or irritation.There was no irritation or redness at all, and the shave was super close and even.

This is all designed to channel away excess shave gel so the band can maintain maximum contact with the skin.

The handle was comfortable and didn’t slip even when my hands we a little damp.

It was easy to hold in all directions and I was able to get a really even shave without trying too hard.

I felt like I was really able to control the way the blades moved around the curves of my chin and mouth.

It was very easy to maneuver around those sections, and I had no nicks or cuts.

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