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But if those things don’t come into your life, what are some concrete methods to stop?

In particular, individuals with a history of trauma may self-harm to take control of their own pain, or to feel something other than numbness.

Cutting can be notoriously difficult to stop on your own.

If you’re struggling with self-injury, it's important to reach out to a mental health professional for support, help, and accountability.

A 2014 study asked college students who cut themselves, plus a control group of non-cutters, to keep a daily diary of their emotions for two weeks.

The biggest difference between those who cut and those who didn’t?

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But cutting, burning, carving words or symbols into one’s skin, painful hair-pulling, or literally banging one’s head against the wall certainly do count. To an outsider, self-harm may seem incomprehensible—even crazy—but if you go with the truism that each person copes as best as they can with the resources they have at the time, it might be a little easier to understand.