Dating a good guy quotes

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Dating a good guy quotes

A good man is confident because he knows that he has value. He may feel hurt (nobody likes rejection), but he doesn’t give in to anger.He knows a kind act is never wasted, be it reciprocated or not. A nice guy may tear a woman down in an attempt to elevate his pride. He gets stuck in the friend zone because he’s not bold enough to actually pursue a woman with strength and intention.When you’re going through it, it feels like you’ll be in it forever, like there is no way you will ever be able to go back to normal.

What we hang onto is the idea that there was so much to be happy with him.Love is a huge concept that’s impossible to quantify and it comes in many different forms.You can love the wrong person very much but that doesn’t make them any less wrong for you.For those of us who try to be kind and go the extra mile for others, the nice guy’s consistent outcome is really discouraging. ” A lot of guys seem to have this question as well. A nice guy’s kindness is an act, a facade he keeps for the purpose of making himself more appealing. He will be kind and helpful whether he is recognized or not. A nice guy handles rejection poorly, feeling that his good acts have been wasted on an “ungrateful” recipient.In the end, many women want a good man…not a nice guy. But, a good man sees kindness as a lifestyle, and more importantly, it comes from his heart. A nice guy lacks confidence, so he needs validation, usually from women. He may feel insulted by the fact he didn’t get the girl he “deserves.” A good man handles rejection with grace.

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Is the kindness a facade or is it the core of the man?

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