Dating a guy with a corvette

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Dating a guy with a corvette

While Mike says that every one of the 3,012 Corvettes he has sold so far are all unique and memorable, he really enjoys the special circumstances and stories he can help create.

Some of his favorite sales are when fathers and sons come in together to get new 'Vettes.

Mike steadily climbed his way up the sales ladder, eventually landing as the General Manager of Damascus Chevrolet.

Unfortunately, that position lasted only two decades as The economic turmoil of “The Great Recession” forced the dealership to close in 2009, and Mike found himself out of a job.

Next Tuesday, the National Corvette Museum Delivery Department will welcome their 12,000th R8C Museum Delivery since the program started.

Congrats to this family on being one of our milestone deliveries. Papers and folders were stacked to the side of a computer display. In his career, Mike has sold over 4,100 Vettes, and will easily pass 5000 by 2022. Mike could help you keep that Vette sparkling new — he’s an Adam’s Polishes spokesman.

He picked up a sales position at Criswell Chevrolet and began posting on the Corvette and Stingray forums. He became the #1 Corvette salesman in the country in 2011, and twice won a GM backed national Corvette sales contest (’11, ’12) landing him at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, France.

Through personal knowledge, personal attention, and word of mouth, sales began to build. Mike could accurately value a trade with Carfax and other digital tools. In October 2013, Mike sold 61 Corvettes, a GM record. Despite the overwhelming success and the hectic pace of life, Mike still makes time to connect with each and every customer, both past and present.

Owners find personalized Christmas cards in the mailbox, maybe a hat, or even an event invitation.

That personal touch (and exceptional volume pricing) keep customers coming back. Once upon a time ago, a 17-year with a nose for cars joined the sales staff at Malcolm Konner Chevrolet in New Jersey.

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The couple flew cross country to browse the inventory of over 120 Corvettes at Criswell Chevrolet in Maryland, then ordering Gary's very first Corvette. Some choose to watch their car be built, then take delivery at their local dealer.