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Dating a widowed father

Like every widowed father, Seth was confronting a new reality in his life, created in the wake of the tragic death of the love of his life.Seth came to understand the need to reach out for and accept support, to communicate effectively with his children and to put the family first. The grieving process after the loss of a mother and wife can take a long time, and literally cannot be rushed.The more routine tasks can be "automated," the easier the transition will be.Getting organized for things like laundry, shopping, and cleaning will help ease the transition of a widowed father to single parenting and will take some of the stress off of daily life. Many newly widowed fathers neglect their own physical, mental or emotional health while going through the transition.Sometimes, connecting with a good family therapist and taking advantage of his or her professional training can yield big dividends.

An offer for babysitting while you take some time for yourself can be a welcome relief and should be not be rejected. Some may offer to take care of the yard for a while or fix your car.Growing your love for them will help heal your own grieving heart.If you are a recently widowed father, know that you will find lots of support and help as you are open to it.You will certainly need social interaction and some with women, but pursuing and getting into a serious relationship too soon can have serious consequences. Spend more time together with the kids - as a family and one-on-one.Children are resilient, but the trauma they experience losing a mother can take a long time to get better.

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Some of these dads even get together for playgroups during the week or on weekends so the kids can play and interact while you connect with the other dads. Being a widowed father is more than a full-time job, especially when it is early in the process.

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