Dating an accutron watch

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I take out the screw at the top that connects the left and right coil to separate them and I take out the battery. The two infinite resistance measurements aren’t good.

It means that the coil that pulls the tuning fork on the left side is shot.

When it retracts, the pawl finger keeps the index wheel from moving backwards The coil on the left side has two coils – one is used to switch the transistor, as a small current is induced in the coil every time the fork swings.

The transistor then switches the second coil within the left coil and the right coil on and off, pulling the fork ends and keeping it swinging.

I got this one off ebay and it’s not working – that’s why I paid £ 37.50 for it.

But for this post, I will only take it apart and have a look at some details, and put it back together at a later time. The electronic circuit for the tuning fork is on the left - only a transistor, a capacitor and a resistor.

1927 In honor of Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris, Bulova ships 5,000 Lone Eagle watches, packaged with pictures of Lindbergh. During the next few years Bulova sells nearly 50,000 of these commemorative watches.

1927 is also the year Bulova Watch Company goes public on the American Stock Exchange.

Otherwise, it’s another Accutron less in this world.1931 Bulova conducts the watch industry's first ever million dollar advertising campaign.Throughout the Depression years, Bulova supports retailers by offering Bulova watches to buyers on time-payment plans.The capacitor and the resistor are there to provide an initial oscillator to start the tuning fork swinging when the watch is switched on.I even found the original Accutron218 Service Manual on the internet – you can see a detailed description of the parts and their function in there.

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This prevents the cannon pinion from turning, thus making only the second hand turn - the minute and hour hand won't turn Nice close-up of the pawl fingers with their jewels.

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