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Dating b arn beams

xiv „ Kilometres 1 (English Miles 1 „ Mtriametres j (and Furlongs j „ Lteues de Poste — Miles and Yards, zv „ Kilogrammes — English Pounds . Routes across France — London to Paris, Strasburg, Marseilles, &c. For their use this volume is compiled ; and if any „j French readers think fit to take it up, they must not be surprised to find many details well known to them, and doubtless many errors,' not a few of which will be equally discernible by the Editor's own countrymen. facts he has avoided invidious comparisons — that he has set down nought in such a light as to cause prejudice against the French, or to encourage or perpetuate estrangement between the two nations. introductory Information 103 Routes 109 Section III. CENTRAL FRANCE.— BERRI.— AUVERGNE.— VIVARAIS— ARDECHE.— CANTAL,— BOURBONNAIS.-LYONNAIS— THE CAYENNES. It would be unjust to omit to mention the Jj admirable Guides of Vaysse de Villiers, from which he has j[ derived essential information ; but though they extend to nearly c * twenty volumes, they comprise only a small part of France, and ^ only portions of their contents are calculated to interest English "T travellers. Though the latter are universally used by the French themselves, some centuries must elapse before Champagne and Burgundy cease to be remem- bered for their wines, Perigord for its pies, and Provence for its oil ; nor will it be easy to obliterate the recollection of Wil- liam of Normandy, Margaret of Anjou, and Henri of Navarre. PICARDY.— FRENCH FLANDERS.— ILE DE FRANCE.— NORMANDY. Introductory Sketch of the Country 166 Routes 168 Section IV. The chapters into which the book is divided are arranged according to the ancient Provinces, as being less minute, more historical, and better understood by English than the more intricate subdivisions of Departments. OKL&ANOIS.— TOURAINE.— RIVER LOIRE.— LA VENDUE.— POITOU.— SAINTONGE. English travellers are requested to explain this to innkeepers in remote situations, who are liable to become victims to such impositions. Notices to this effect have been inserted by the Editor in the principal English and foreign newspapers.— -1847.

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^ ====== r\ ^ The Handbook for France is the result of four or five journeys undertaken at different times between 18 ; and the Editor has covered the ground with a network of routes, de- scribed from personal observation, extending from Dunkirk to St.

\ ' 566 Routes 570 • Index 587 1 HANDBOOK FOR TRAVELLERS IN FRANCE.

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