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Different degrees of blood relationship were important for different circumstances, all based upon the cenedl (kindred).

The nuclear family (parents and children) was especially important, while the pencenedl (head of the family within four patrilinear generations) held special status, representing the family in transactions and having certain unique privileges under the law.

Wales in the early Middle Ages covers the time between the Roman departure from Wales c.

However, specifying the ancient usage of land is problematic in that there is little surviving evidence on which to base the estimates.Control was exerted over a piece of land and, by extension, over the people who lived on that land.Many of the people were tenant peasants or slaves, answerable to the aristocrat who controlled the land on which they lived.Thus there was Gwenhwys ("Gwent" with a group-identifying suffix) and gwyr Guenti ("men of Gwent") and Broceniauc ("men of Brycheiniog").Welsh custom contrasted with many Irish and Anglo-Saxon contexts, where the territory was named for the people living there (Connaught for the Connachta, Essex for the East Saxons).

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The Latin equivalent seems to be regnum, which referred to the "changeable, expandable, contractable sphere of any ruler's power".

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