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Inside the asteroid formerly hiding the exofighter from view, four of the members of Able Squad wait in small reentry pods for the asteroid to break apart.De Leon begins talking with one Alice Noretti, the newest addition to Able Squad, when the asteroid finally shatters.With the fulfillment of the one-year sentence that was substituted for the original death penalty, the squad reunites and gets back to work.At a Neosapien installation on Earth, General Shiva is silently watching a broadcast of Amanda Connor's show when an officer informs him of an asteroid approaching Earth.

While repairs to the damaged fleet continue, the members of Able Squad are finally released from the Resolute's brig after serving their year-long prison sentence for their mutinous actions surrounding Lieutenant Marsh's arrest.

Shiva makes vague threats toward Xenobius should his shield not work but gives grudging permission for Xenobius to proceed.

GRAF units across the hemisphere power up and the rogue ship, now obviously an exofighter, is shortly crushed into one-tenth its former size.

On the surface, Sean Napier stands outside a farmhouse watching the pods streak across the Illinois sky. Napier vents his usual anger toward the Exofleet, but Marsala interrupts him, saying that he hears something approaching.

He throws an old picture of Amanda Connor into the air, and the wind carries it away. The ground begins to shake and an enormous Neosapien land E-frame breaks through the trees.

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