Dating for single mums

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I spent the next few months lonely, craving intimacy and sex.

I started catfishing on Tinder, using my pre-pregnancy photos to get some male attention.

I assumed men would think I was carting around baggage – which makes me feel ashamed and guilty now.

My fears were confirmed when one man I was dating compared parenthood to living with a debilitating illness.

But I’m also mum to three-year-old Freddy – a sticking point that seems to change the conversation in any potential new relationship.

I’m not looking for anything serious, necessarily, or a replacement father for my child, but that’s what many men assume when they hear ‘single parent’.

In terms of, it’s all about the numbers, numbers, numbers — specifically, over 30 million members, more than 13.5 million visitors a month, and billions of romantic connections.

We listed Match among the best free dating sites for single parents because this is the service that can put you in front of the most compatible people, so you really don’t have to look anywhere else.

My rule is that Freddy can meet men I’m with if I introduce them as friends.Single parent dating sites can be there for people when they need a new beginning.I have a close family friend whose parents divorced when she was young, and it was a tough experience for everyone to go through.There are currently an estimated two million single parents in the UK, the majority headed by women, so before you strike off a potential partner just before she has children think for a minute about how drastically you’re reducing your chances of meeting that special someone.Sure, they may come with a little extra, but there are plenty of good reasons why dating a single mum makes perfect sense.

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If it’s going somewhere then, after a while, I’ll explain he is Mummy’s boyfriend.

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