Dating gemini woman

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Dating gemini woman

Be prepared to feel left out once in a while when she wants to switch things up and do things with other people.

As is common with love compatibility for this astrology sign, breakups are common.

Because the Gemini lady is always on the go, she tends to leave a trail of loved ones behind, but she always finds her way back to them.

And she’s constantly meeting new people and adding them to her social circle.

Secondly, both of you must be flexible, and willing to make some compromises.

But if you’re up for the challenge she will take you on a fun ride.

Geminis go everywhere together, hand-in-hand, symbolizing their dual nature.

Though Geminis are active and fun people to be with, they have two important weaknesses; their ability to talk non-stop and how they continuously distract themselves easily.

She doesn’t care much about gifts, for she’s more of an action girl, so tickets to a raucous show or sporting event are the only things you should give her.

Offer her experiences and she will want to take you along.

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