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Dating hina dolls

Beautiful costumes of the Heian period are worn by the hina dolls, representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians.They are displayed on a stand (ひな壇, hinadan) that is often covered with a red carpet. The most common ones are one-, five- and seven-tiered stands.Artificial peach branches are put into two vases and set up between the Emperor and the Empress.Also very common are Japanese garden trees that can be placed , not only on the top-tier.

While that is a national holiday, the Hina Matsuri is not!The festival is held in order to pray for a happy and healthy life for one’s daughter.According to an ancient Chinese belief you can transfer sin and misfortune to a doll.The main identifying doll mark for Mattel Barbie dolls and friends is located on the dolls buttock (modern dolls the mark is on the lower back, at the waist).There are additional numbers on the inside arms, inside thighs, the back of the heads on the neck rim; these were probably manufacturer part numbers used to assemble the dolls and do not have any importance in trying to identify the Barbie doll or year it was on the market.

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