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Dating his ethics instructor

The 2005 ACA Code of Ethics also provides guidelines for supervisory relationships, stating that “Sexual or romantic interactions or relationships with current supervisees are prohibited” (Standard F.3.b.).

Furthermore, the ethics code clearly states that “Counseling supervisors do not condone or subject supervisees to sexual harassment” (Standard F.3.c.).

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The recent revision of the ACA Code of Ethics significantly changes the ethical guidelines related to dual relationships.

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provides that supervisors take precautions similar to those taken by counselors who engage in potentially beneficial dual relationships with clients.

It goes on to say that “Before engaging in nonprofessional relationships, supervisors discuss with supervisees and document the rationale for such interactions, potential benefits or drawbacks, and anticipated consequences for the supervisee.” The 2005 ethics code addresses other dual relationships as well, including relationships between counselor educators and students and relationships between researchers and research participants. sets guidelines for counselor educators and students that are similar to the ethical guidelines for supervisors and supervisees. virtually mirrors these rules for researchers and their research participants.

The 2005 revision of the ACA Code of Ethics reiterates and expands the ban on sexual relationships with clients.

Under the new code, counselors are ethically prohibited from engaging in sexual relationships not only with clients but also clients’ partners or family members (Standard A.5.a.).

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Thus, the 2005 code revisions clarify that certain nonsexual interactions with clients can be beneficial, and therefore, those relationships are not banned (Standard A.5.c.).

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