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Dating in the middle ages web series

She trained at the Boca Ballet Theatre as a ballet, jazz, and modern dancer beginning at the age of 5.

She began modeling in commercial and print campaigns at the age of 12.

And lastly, the very – and I mean very – bad date this season is played by John Bader and he is simply hysterical. It is going to be a blast for viewers, especially the end of the season which takes place out in the wilderness and Samantha gets – oops, sorry, don’t want to give it away!

Let me just say I hope viewers have as much fun watching “Dating In The Middle Ages” as we did making this fun series, all just for them.

And, telling a story in under ten minutes can be difficult, so you really need to be able to edit yourself well. Also my mother, played by the wonderful Deidre Hall, is introduced this season.

Mine is more of a funny soap opera and I’m lucky because it works well in short-form storytelling. She’s a fun, sexy, optimistic character whose mission is to find the right date for her daughter.

Right, played by handsome and dashing Matthew Ashford.

She moved to Los Angeles, California from Boca Raton, Florida.That’s part of the fun of actually creating your own stories. It’s always fun to dance, sing and act no matter what time period. What are some of the challenges of producing a web series?Mills: Well, we don’t have a network behind us (yet, fingers crossed) so there isn’t a lot of money.It’s also a musical comedy, so as for the musical numbers – they can take place in any time period.It kind of depends on the song I write and what era I see it in.

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Created by Devin Mills, who fans may recall seeing working on “Days of Our Lives” in 2009 as a flight attendant and in 2008 on “General Hospital” as a wedding planner, “Dating In The Middle Ages” follows Samantha Collins (Mills), a divorced, historical romance novelist attempting to navigate the dating scene after her marriage ends.