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Dating nothing in common

Neither one of you has to be totally happy about it – you can’t exactly pretend to be someone that you’re not or like something that you just don’t – but at least you will be spending time together.That’s honestly the most important thing right now.That would mean that you had something in common at one point in your relationship.If that’s the case, then you might want to rekindle that spark and try to form that bond once again.The idea is that if you and your boyfriend are too similar, you’re going to get bored fast and things aren’t going to be exciting.But on the flip side, what if you have nothing in common with your boyfriend and it’s actually ruining your relationship? Read on to find out how to deal when you have nothing in common with your boyfriend.You don’t have to do Crossfit just because your boyfriend does, and he might not share your passion for getting creative in the kitchen. If you’re wondering what to do when you have nothing in common with your boyfriend, think about taking an interest in each other’s hobbies. You just want to prove to the other person that you love each other, you care about each other, and you’re totally committed to making the relationship work.

Once you can focus on hanging out together instead of how different you two are, you’re going to have fun and forget about what you were worried about in the first place.Go ahead and plan some weekend trips to a fun city and a longer trip to Europe or another fabulous place that you two have been dreaming of visiting.You will make new memories and discover new things that you both love.What do you do when you really love each other but it doesn’t seem like those strong feelings and your bond are enough to save you? What do you do when you love romantic comedies and your boyfriend won’t see anything except for an action flick?Sure, you can go to the movies separately and see your beloved rom coms with your best friend. But that’s not a great way to go since you want to actually spend time together since you’re a couple.

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