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For dinner, I recommend local favorites Rimel’s Rotisserie for the best chicken bowl of your life or the legendary Verde El Ranchero for savory fish tacos and margaritas.Despite its numerous rocky caves perfect for smuggling contraband (or, more likely these days, getting ass-naked), Pirate's Cove doesn't actually have much of a piracy connection.

Lastly, check out the expansive off-road area of Oceano Sand Dunes located south of Avila Pier; you can camp, drive on the beach, and ride dune bikes all in the same area.Located in Lake Tahoe (technically less than one mile over on the Nevada side), this small stretch of sand is the area’s premiere nude hangout.Since real estate is at a premium here, if you haven't claimed your space by 10am, you may have to settle for laying out on the boulders instead of the sand.So, we're telling you where to look: here are all the best beaches to bare your ass in California, how to get to them, and everything you need to know once you're there.Just keep your clothes on until you're sure you're in the right place.

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State Street is always a fun adventure, but if you want to catch some live music, check out Velvet Jones for the best live acts in town.