Dating of volcanic rocks nsw

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Dating of volcanic rocks nsw

Welcome to the third in our series on volcanic activity in Australia.This post will clean up the remaining volcanic fields and provinces in southern Queensland and then work our way south through New South Wales (NSW).Lavas in the Bundaberg, Gin Gin and Childers fields were erupted in six short periods of volcanic activity starting 60 Ma.

The Tasman Sea (and a long portion of the Great Barrier Reef) lies to its east.

Temperatures along the coastal plain range from cool temperate in the south to subtropical in the north.

Things get dry and hot west of the Great Dividing Range, where ranching and agriculture dominate.

The volcano has been named Focal Peak and dates around 23 Ma.

The eastern flank of the volcano is marked by the Albert Basalt, thickest basalt at 440 m thick.

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It thins to the east and underlies early basalts of the Tweed volcano. Note eroded plug Mount Warning in the center, drainage to the south and east, and the heavily eroded central caldera. https://gov/topics/earth/features/srtm/pia06664Tweed The Tweed volcano is a 100 km diameter shield volcano, heavily eroded, centered on Mount Warning, the remaining volcanic plug. There is a 30 km diameter heavily eroded caldera that separates the central core of the volcano from its surrounding flanks. Original coverage may have been as extensive as 7,000 km2. They flowed all the way east into the Pacific Ocean.