Dating ohone lines

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Dating ohone lines

Since malicious apps are usually unoptimized pieces of code, they hog your phone’s CPU and memory, throttling them and generating a lot of heat.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are also on the suspect list.

When a phone gets hot, the battery is usually the first place to look.

Yes, unfortunately, binging on You Tube or Netflix for season-long sessions is just as detrimental to your phone’s health as marathon gaming.Rather, your Gmail is still active in the background. The more apps you have running in the background, the harder your system has to work to maintain them.Generally speaking, background apps aren’t typically a problem.Sometimes phones get hot as the result of too many apps running in the background.A bad battery or other hardware problems cannot be ruled out. Here’s the thing: All phones can, and usually will, get a little hot from time to time.

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Better still, turn on Airplane Mode when you don’t plan on using your phone. Updating is essentially another name for optimizing.

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