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If I start talking to a man online and there is chemistry, I have a rule about never meeting him until we talk on the phone.

It lets me hear his voice, and get a feel for his personality.

Criticism and praise have been heaped on , in equal measure.

For those who favor the Surrealist genre of art, it is a masterpiece.

Looking carefully you can see too small rocks, one in the sunlight and the other in the shadow.

Dali frequently used the philosophy of hard and soft in his paintings.

When Dali was asked if this allusion to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was true, he replied, rather flippantly, that it was a surrealist vision of Camembert cheese melting in the heat of the sun.

Experts have said that was a painting during his Freudian phase of life, before the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki propelled him into his scientific phase.

It is currently housed in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.He told me to call him right then so we could meet up later that night.I told him to slow down that I had things to do and if he wanted to call me after he was done studying that was fine, I could talk after 9pm.When I got back inside he was still online and continued to press me. I again told him I had to go but to call me after 9pm. He then made a joke that was semi-inappropriate and followed it up by saying it must've crossed a boundary.I told him that I really needed to go and study but that we could talk later that night. I joked back that his persistence was crossing the annoying boundary. I figured that was the end of it. I get a text message telling me he wasn't sure how he felt about being called annoying.

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He immediately gave his email and I semi-joked that I don't initiate conversation with men. After about a half hour he said he was going to Starbucks to study and that we should meet up.

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