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Dating pflueger reels

You can turn it until the holes line up and put a few drops of oil right on the gears and then turn it to close.Also to the left is the Bearing Cap removed and above is the Extra Pawl and the cap that holds it in it’s storage compartment in the Head Plate.You will notice that there are 2 pins 180 degrees apart on the Handle Shaft Sleeve that have 4 chances to go into one of the 4 holes that are 90 degrees apart.I will have to go back into the reel to explain exactly what make it return to the retrieve position and will add that later.In this 1st photo, you will see the reel apart and laid out like a schematic.The top row is the Frame, the Inner Head Plate, and the Head Plate with the Crankshaft in it.

In the 3rd, you see a close-up of the Crankshaft and Handle Shaft Sleeve, so you will understand how it dis-engages for free spool.In this 4th photo, you see it back together somewhat and in free spool position.When you push the button on the handle, the spring wire goes into that groove and holds the crankshaft in and thus dis-engages it from the Handle Shaft Sleeve.I did take the Handle apart on this one to show the Drag parts.You will notice the disc above the Crankshaft hole, that is an oiler the all these Pflueger reels have with the exception of the entry level Trusty and Trump reels.

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