Dating photos genealogy

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Dating photos genealogy

But if you do not know who is in them then how can you feel more inspired to learn more about your ancestors?There are a number of ways that can help you to pinpoint the age of a family photograph.When we see these photos of our ancestors we feel more connected to them.And quite possibly you want to know more about them.This short video presented by the Midwest Genealogy Center shows just how easy identifying an old photo actually is.Although please bare in mind that you will need to do some research.

Despite the womens’ different cultural backgrounds and individual tastes in fashion, the similar type of high, standing collars suggest that they’re on the earlier end of that time frame, most likely the mid-1880s.If I needed more data points, other style cues I could research would be the fit of the dresses, the hairstyles, and their jewelry.While all the clues you gather from appearance can be very helpful, they’re not always precise.Another aspect of a photograph that may draw your attention is the background.The details that are behind our ancestors can also give us a clue as to the date of the photograph.

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Here are several sites that can help you put your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents on the right branches of your family tree.