Dating pregnancy with late ovulation

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Dating pregnancy with late ovulation

Hi ladies, I started tracking my cycles and ovulation a few months ago and they have pretty much been like clockwork - 26 day cycles.

The ovulation days have also been fairly consistent. I didn't ovulate until day 27/ 28 this month and currently I'm on day 33 of my cycle.

I used to spend ages daydreaming reading these BFP stories so feel it’s only right to share mine.

So I always OV around CD19-20 so I had been doing 2-3 OPKs from CD17 but nothing!

I use midwives, so I can't say what OBs do, but my midwife asks for LMP as well as my average cycle length. Like the above post says, the more time they give you the better.

You don't want to be induced early based on a miscalculated edd.

By my lmp I am 5w 2d and by Ovulation I am 4w 1d no it is only a few and a few days difference. Either way, the chance of you giving birth on your EDD is statistically slim (around 5%).

I knew when I ovulated, so my actual due date (confirmed by dating ultrasound) was actually 10 days later than the one that would have been generated by my LMP.

My ultrasound dated the baby 5 days earlier (as I expected) so they moved my due date from Jan 29 to Feb 3.

She said I could use either date but that typically if the dating ultrasound is more than 5 days off they will use that one.

I did go to the UK a couple of weeks ago so I'm wondering if the long haul travel has disrupted things.

I guess my question is do i stand a chance of falling pregnant this month with such a late ovulation date?

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I got my darkest line (but still would say slightly fainter than the control line) on CD25!

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