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Dating reject number

Depending on the situation and the fake number you give them, the hilarity benefits can be worth the potential heartache you're causing.And if it's someone you just meet once, chances are they'll end up telling the story as a comical and only borderline sad anecdote. This handy document can also be good for fun boozy events, like bachelorette parties. Just a thought.1-888-447-5594: Easter egg number for finishing God of War.605-475-6968: Standard rejection hotline.866-740-4531: Only responds with "I Am Groot".206-569-5829: "Loser Line." (If they leave a message, it might get broadcast in a Seattle radio station. [Read: 10 ways to be more romantic without being cheesy] Check out local listings for foodie events in your area or search the web for food festival dates.There are so many options from chocolate festivals to exhibition shows, and you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.The rejection line team takes care of the rest, providing premium rejection services -- completely free of charge!! Please send a one page text resume and a short personal statement to [email protected] Unauthorized commercial use of the "Rejection Line" or the rejection line concept is strictly prohibited. You spend time doing things you enjoy, like walking in the park, going to cultural events, and dating attractive people. We are seeking creative, ambitious, motivated individuals to join our team. Copyright 2001, 2002, Jonah and Chelsea Peretti, all rights reserved.

If you are looking for some summer romance without the price that goes with a plane ticket, summer definitely has the answer!The great thing about foodie dates though, is that they give you the opportunity to enjoy your date and have a spin off next date when you can team up and cook your purchases for a romantic dinner for two or perhaps, a double date too.It’s also the perfect date to try something new and encourage your date to do the same, which is a clear sign that you can be fun and a little adventurous.In fact, Now these are the key strategies for you to get dates on Whats App.No matter you are looking for girls’ contact numbers on Whats App, or looking for Whats App girls’ friendship numbers, these strategies will surely help you to make it happen.

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It includes the rejection hot line, "the easter egg number for finishing God of war" (whatever that means), the 24-hour "I Am Groot" hotline and something that's quite literally called "loser line." Whether you're getting hit on and are overwhelmingly disinterested, or you're getting conned into hanging out with someone you know tangentially and don't actually want to meet up with ever, these numbers could really help you out.

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