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No matter how stylized or abstract the world we’re depicting is, we find that once audiences adjust, they’re completely immersed and engaged.” Rothman and co-directors Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey “all brought different areas of expertise to the movie, writing or animating or storyboarding.We had to divide and conquer and work together to make it happen,” Rothman said. It was like running five relay races at the same time.“Animation was a tool for us to make the movie feel even more real than a live superhero movie does.We could take gigantic risks in the way our movie looks and feels.

“We screened the movie before and after [his death], and we saw the audience’s reaction change.Sony is still developing “MIB 23,” which combines the “21 Jump Street” universe with the “Men in Black” one, and this latest project is just another property to build on the popular series.Rothman also penned the script to “MIB 23.” Neal Moritz is producing.“I never thought that it would happen for me, so, on a personal level, it’s really gratifying and cool,” Rothman, 44, said of his nomination.He also gave credit to the “massive team” that worked with him on the movie.

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