Dating roseville pottery

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During the 1910s, several lines were created and named after the designing artists.

These styles include Donatello, Azurene, Fujiama and Pauleo.

Rozane Ware had highly glossed browns and blues, with hand painted animals, Indians, nature scenes and portraits.

These early pieces looked more like the line of Roseville's competitor, Rookwood, than the middle period matte and floral Roseville patterns.

One of the first Roseville lines designed by Frank Ferrell and arguably most notable is Futura.

Young founded The Roseville Pottery Company in Zanesville, Ohio.

Young and other pottery manufacturers saw Zanesville as ideal because of the rich clay deposits in the area.

The first pieces of Roseville pottery were made in 1900 under the name "Rozane" or "Rozane Ware".

These early pieces hardly resemble the image most modern-day collectors associate with the "classic Roseville" look.

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"The Futura line combines the best of both the molders effort and the chemists technology", states Sharon and Bob Huxford, writers of The Collectors Encyclopedia of Roseville Pottery.