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Dating service xa0

Annual precipitation is ~200 mm for the region and is monsoonal (estimated from graphed annual precipitation averages in Ren et al. About 75% of the annual average occurs in June through August (estimated from graphed monthly precipitation averages cited in Geelan & Twitchet 1974), often in the form of sudden snow- and hailstorms.Phala was chosen as a study site that exemplifies the traditional nomadic pastoral way of life.Phala is a local-level administrative unit (xiang, a Chinese term that in Phala refers to the main local administrative unit analogous to a village) in Tsatsey district, Ngamring county, Sigatse prefecture, Tibet Autono- mous Region.It is located in the western section of the Northern Plateau, at the boundary of what Chinese refer to as the Northern Tibetan Plateau Subregion and the Ngari Plateau Subregion of the Qinghai\x96Tibetan Plateau (Ren et al. Located ~480 km northwest of Lhasa and 185 km north of the main east-west road, it is situated at altitudes ranging from 4850 to 5400 m at a latitude of 30\x BA30′N and a longitude of 86\x BA30′E. Daily temperature lows hover around 0\x BAC in summer and from \x9628 to -40\x BAC in winter; diurnal temperature variations of as much as 21\x BAC are common.

In June 1987, the Tibetan regional government in Ngamring county decreed that its subordinate nomadic pastoral and agricultural communities must reduce their livestock numbers by December of that year.

One of the world\x92s largest pastoral areas is the Northern Plateau of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

It is home to 500000 nomadic pastoralists who comprise 25% of Tibet\x92s population.

Information on the number of livestock redistributed at the time of commune dissolution derives from the original 1981 Phala xiang records.

Several times during the study, individual households were also interviewed about herd size and composition.

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Formal and informal interviews with government officials provided the official perspective on the nomad\x92s strategy of pastoral production.

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