Dating seto kaiba

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Dating seto kaiba

SETO KAIBASeto appears throughout the original TV show as a major character and the show's main tritagonist.

While intergenerational yu-gi-oh battles are hard to work out because new special abilities are invented and such, Seto Kaiba has shown himself able to hold his own and win even in duels against modern decks as recently as last year, long after GX finished (He also has an enourmous power of influencing people, such as the Big Five whom he decieved into handing over control of Kaibacorp without spending a penny on the effort.His ability to control others around him made him one of the most powerful figures in the world in general, even outside of duel monsters.This is for the nerd & fandom event of the DDO olympics. This debate shall be about who is the best character in media created by the yu-gi-oh franchise, including comics, the TV show and the collectible card game.Whoever is the most convincing of whether their chosen character is superior ought to be who you vote for. Rules are simple - 4 rounds, with actual debating starting in round 2.

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On the other hand he is always honest and actually rather humble, perhaps symptomic of a low self-esteem (Kaiba readily accepts that he is not perfect but he does aim for self-improvement).

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