Dating sites lava life premji sued over dating

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Dating sites lava life

Lava Life greets us right off with a block of member photos and a quick search form. It gives you a sign up form, but you have to scroll down quite a way to get to any member samples; on the whole it looks rather empty and clunky, like a poor imitation of Facebook. But it’s what inside that counts, so let’s take a closer look at each site.Lava Life has quite a bit of innovation to its name: it is divided into three categories – Intimate Encounters, Relationships and Dating – and you can put your account in any combination of the three.Those strategies were pointless, and you’ll learn why in this in-depth Lava dating site review.Calling our experience on Lava a disaster would be the understatement of the century. Truthfully, there really weren’t many women we even cared to go out with.That’s literally the only vibe we got from this site.

The site might look pretty at first glance, but in our opinion, it’s just really hard to find your way around on here, and find the kinds of women you want to talk to.We’re all about honesty and helping men find true love online. It’s all about perfecting the online dating strategies you can learn in our free dating guide. It’s hard to do that if you’re signing up for dating sites filled with fake profiles. It takes a whole heck of a lot of luck to find a good girl on Lava Why rely on luck when you can rely on the skills we teach you in our online dating guide? The fact of the matter is Lava has been ripping customers off since Day 1.They do an exceptional job of marketing their product.

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A mere 29 women in 12 weeks responded to our emails. If that number doesn’t turn you off of the site, we don’t know what will. Basically, when we looked through profiles, our reactions were either, “yuck”, “nasty”, “mix in a salad”, or “no way is she real”.

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