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Dating sites top referrers 2016

To make this clearer I deleted a few lines (requests 1, 6 and 7) from the Fiddler log, as those were unrelated to our task.

Look below how request #2 has an empty referer because its the URL that we typed in the address bar, with no referer at all.

In the example above, we opened a window on nature and immediately changed -via scripting- its location. Bug hunter, I’m pretty confident of your awareness on the mechanics of the XSS filter of IE/Edge, but just in case, remember that it is literally disabled on pages where the referer host equals the host of the rendered page.

Essentially, Direct sessions occur any time Google Analytics cannot determine another referring source or channel.

This differentiates Direct traffic from other default channel groupings like Organic, Referrals, Social, Email and Paid.

2) Load the vulnerable inside the i Frame but this time, with the script you want to execute.

Now, this happens because IE/Edge disable the filter when the requests come from the same-domain referrer […] It’s easy to load inside the i Frame the vulnerable URL because IE/Edge has many problems regarding referrers.

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Now check out the Fiddler log below with the request numbers matching the ones of the images/iframe above.