Dating stratocaster serial number

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Dating stratocaster serial number

Sorry This is Japanese only Gendai Guitar Homepage You can see current publication information of GENDAI GUITAR Inc. NIIBORI GUITAR's Web Site uitar Cultural Hall We introduce the Guitar Cultural Hall in Japan to the world. I have only seen one other online, and heard of a third one. As far as I know Masaru Matano previously made guitars for Aria.

This page supported the "FRAME" of netscape 2.0 higher. I would guess your guitar dates from the late 70's to the early 90's?

They stayed with him until his death in 1937 during the Spanish civil war. I found this inside this site: can anyone help with the likely provenance and value of a Wayne guitar model W-30. Does your guitar have a slightly yellow label on the inside with a drawing of a mountain? Is there any mention on the label where the guitar was made? Hello Bruce I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who has asked me to research her guitar. Regards Diana Hi, Bruce, Yes the label is slightly yellow and almost of new appearance.

I'm still looking on the web however information about this brand of acoustic guitar is about as scarce as hens teeth. The guitar was made for Wayne Guitar Co and has a yellow label inside with a drawing of a mountain. It is nylon string and there is no mention of where the guitar is made. The word concience (sic) is misspelt and there is the drawing of a rather more precipitous mountain than Fuji on the label as well.

Mine's a little banged up, although, I just want to see if I can date it. As I was trolling the net I came across a photo of another Aria guitar with the same serial number as mine, 147.

Also, does anyone have any idea how much this guitar might sell for today in good condition? So I recently picked up an Aria A552 from a friend. From what I've read, these guitars are quite the gem. I bought today a wayne d50 guitar in pristine condition with original case it has the w on the head stock but no made in japan but the yellow label has mt takamine I bought at a local thrift shop for .00 it has to be late 60s early 70s I am at the moment refinishing a Suzuki violin guitar Nagoya which when I sanded the back which had solid varnish it exposed the most beautiful timber I think it is rosewood a lot of work but worth it I purchased an Aria acoustic guitar in the early 1970's with the serial number 147, model A-680, made in Japan.

Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, with either a bare maple fretboard or a rosewood fretboard. The guitar had an MSRP (back in the day) of 0, and would be worth 0 in absolutely brand new condition.

Alnico/ceramic magnet pickups, usually in the 3x single-coil configuration with a five-way switch. Yours, judging by that photo alone, is in good shape.

There is also a number inside 83606 Its also written "susuki&co Est 1951" Does anyone know the manufacturing year for this guitar ?

Regards, Flo being a kiso Suzuki with the first number of your serial being an 8 and knowing that kiso did not build after 1985/86 your kiso will have a square label , is your guitar a gypsy ( maccaferri copy if I remember correctly ) anyway your guitar is made in 1978 # 3606 , ,, 1951- 1970 kiso's had the build year stamped and the model number .

Domingo Esteso Lopez, born in San Clemente in the province of Cuenca in 1882, is one the most famous and respected classical and flamenco guitar makers of the early 20th century.

In the 1890s, he began as an apprentice in the shop of Manuel Ramirez in Madrid, working along side such great Spanish luthiers as Santos Hernandez and Modesto Borreguero.

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Signatures written in ink (autograph or not) or stamped and are not a guarantee of the best quality.

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