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We are very happy together, our parents are very happy as well.

It was one of the biggest gambles of our lives, but I think we got really lucky with each other.

We ended up on the ‘speedy route’ because long distance was a deal breaker for both of us.”Lyanne, 26“I got married after knowing my husband for eight months. At first, it was a crazy disaster for this longtime single lady. Surprises were how broke my handsome and sweet immigrant husband was!

I’ve learned just how tough it is for immigrants to thrive in the US.”Lindsey, 39“We were in the military and got stationed on opposite coasts.

On our first date in India, we were picking out his outfit for our wedding.That said, who ever called caution the spice of life?Yes, marriage is a high stake union, both emotionally and financially.We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary this year and (this is actually a secret) expecting our first child.”Cecilia, 32“I got married after seeing my now-husband of two years for only eighteen days in person.Sounds crazy, but we just knew and lived super far apart. I’m from San Francisco and he’s English — I now live in the UK!

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I thought about keeping it a secret for a couple months until it was more sensible to say, but in the end I was super excited and couldn’t resist.