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‘Producer’ was promising – you could really see yourself starring in his next film. Are those days spent hunched over other people’s mouths his way of making others happy, or just of making a good living? It’s not your job to reassure him all the time, to cheer him up when he’s sad, to fill his silences, to take him out, to feel sorry for him or play at being caretaker.But it turns out he only works in the business sector making commercials for a commuter-rail corporation. Well, maybe he’s responsible for George Clooney’s smile? Do you know who the partner of the first woman president of the International Monetary Fund is? A great woman does not need a man in order to shine. Yes, you are there if he needs you, but what he wants above all is to dive with you into a world in which his worries have not monopolised his heart.Stop imagining what he is thinking about or feeling.His problems are often less serious than he thinks – explain that to him gently, and if he gets on your nerves, tell him.In Paris we have Rodin, Poussin, Delacroix and countless other men – all fascinating in other ways – awaiting you for a nocturnal session at the Louvre.If you’re going to be a single woman, you may as well be a smart one.Think of all those great women from history that you admire.

By remaining centred in your own space, you cease to think only about him.

You get your balance back, along with the joy of knowing that he is there.

Above all, keep the good wisdom of our ancestors: when the crop is ripe for harvesting, you celebrate!

Here, Florence Besson, Eva Amor and Claire Steinlen reveal the French woman’s secrets of seduction – in and out of the boudoir. As the writer François de La Rochefoucauld said, ‘We gain more by allowing ourselves to be seen as we are than by trying to seem what we are not.’ What about putting out feelers to discover his tastes and express yours: what does he think of your mutual friends (what he says about others says a lot about him)?

Always cool and always prepared – that’s the secret of Parisienne style, so no Ugg boots or sequined tops. Coco Chanel said, ‘I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little…maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny.’ On a first date, go for the light touch: a suggestion rather than a statement; sexy without saying so. The important thing is what lies behind the conversation and the good vibes you are gently exchanging. The more you try to understand, the greater your risk of spending weeks weeping over a guy you don’t even know.

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Choose simple lines – a sleeveless T-shirt with bare shoulders, a white shirt giving a glimpse of black bra… If he’s a hipster, wear jeans; a business lawyer, opt for a skirt; heels for the man in finance and flats for the up-and-coming artist. His anecdotes, frequent laughter and enthusiasm are designed to impress. Don’t listen to your girlfriends who gently mislead you.

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  1. We both expressed to each other that our instincts in dating often led us to date one person at a time until we saw the relationship to conclusion — either a LTR or going our separate ways.