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Domestic violence can leave lasting scars on a family, especially if children are involved.If parents are arguing over child custody, the judge will consider any past incidents of domestic violence.Murder, kidnapping, rape and armed robbery are a few of the obvious that made the list.

It may also require the abuser to do other things, such as participate in counseling or vacate your home.

Oklahoma law requires a judge to presume that joint or sole custody should not be awarded to a parent who has been convicted of domestic violence in the past five years.

If a protective order is granted and the judge decides that sole custody to the non-abusive parent is in the child’s best interests, a visitation order may include one or more of the following limits on the abusive parent’s visitation: In the most extreme cases of abuse, a parent may lose parental rights altogether.

If you have questions after reading this article, contact an Oklahoma family law attorney for advice.

Domestic violence extends far beyond physical violence at home.

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A single episode of unreported domestic violence that took place more than ten years ago may not prevent an abusive parent from sharing custody.

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