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Meeting people you've never met before and judging them in terms of whether they'll fit into your life romantically is exhausting, time-consuming and a huge investment for something that more likely than not won't turn out to be anything huge at all. Now, meeting someone organically while doing my own thing is a completely different story.One time, I met a guy on the corner of Broadway and 8th street in Manhattan who ended up being my boyfriend for three years.If you let dating get down, you won’t enjoy the rest of your life, and then you’re just in a bad mood all around. That’s totally fine if you’re taking a dating break since you’re not trying to go out with anyone.Create your best life ever and you won’t loathe being single and dating. It’s not so great if you’re being a total and complete quitter. You can call it faith or you can call it having trust in the universe — whatever you want. Try using it every day and then try using it once a week.BTW I am never rude to anyone or send stupid crude messages like some idiots do. Converts dating in to something even more competitive and less rewarding than a job interview.Any contacts are likely to be riddled with frustration.

What's best way to talk to people on those types of sites?

Once you realize that getting frustrated sometimes is totally normal and that you can survive it, you won’t mind dating. Aya Tsintziras Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor.

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Why do we invest so much of our time, energy and hope into Tinder and Bumble and set-ups from friends and blind dates as per our parents' suggestions? I'd think twice about giving up a good sweat sesh for a guy I care deeply about, but getting to that level is the tough part.

Weeding out all the terrible guys to find the one who's actually worth stealing me away from my precious exercise time is harrowing.

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