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Once all of the issues are settled, the judge will sign a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage officially finalizing the divorce.

If both parties are in agreement with the divorce (division of assets, child custody and spousal support), this process would not take more than a couple of hours.

With the aid of powerful online tools like My Divorce you can determine if you qualify for this expedited divorce process by answering some simple questions and following the easy-to-use guide.

My Divorce Papers provides the forms necessary to complete your divorce.

Prior to a divorce filing, a mediator can also provide legal advice to help you and your spouse produce a settlement agreement.

This prevents the need to hire expensive attorneys and enter protracted negotiations.

This principle favors a fair—if not always, equal—distribution of property.

The judge may consider some or all of these factors in deciding which spouse receives a property as well as responsibility for debts.

These attorneys will represent you in court, handle most of the scheduling and document submissions, and dialogue with various court officials.

Under Illinois law, you may seek a Fault divorce on these bases: When you file for divorce, you become the plaintiff in this legal procedure, and your spouse becomes the defendant.

You are legally obligated to notify the defendant that the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage has been filed.

Illinois allows you to file for divorce on No-Fault grounds if you and your spouse have lived separately for at least two years, and if you and your spouse use irreconcilable differences as the basis for divorce.

If you and your spouse agree to a divorce in writing, a judge may permit a No-Fault divorce even if you and your spouse have been separated for only six months.

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Once you and your spouse have come to an agreement, or if the two of you are unable to settle any lingering issues, the judge will set a trial date.

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