Dating women broken heart

Posted by / 13-Apr-2020 19:34

She acts like someone who is ‘damaged goods’, who needs taking care of.She revels in a vision of herself as a kind of romantic martyr, and secretly hopes that a man will want to care for, soothe her bruised soul and help her blossom again.

The Broken Woman has been hurt, and it’s everyone else’s fault.The single guys I know aren’t looking for a girlfriend so that they can take on an extra responsibility.They are looking for someone who is bringing excitement and fun into their world.So what are some of the major behaviours of the Broken Woman?Here are six major characteristics she’ll have (all of which ought to be avoided at all costs): The sure sign of a wounded woman is someone who reminisces constantly about the past and talks as though her future is bleak and lifeless.

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Guys want women who have burning desires and aspire to independence.