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Many guys mess up here, and unconsciously use their body language to show too much interest at the wrong times.So yet another important part of the body language basics is learning to show the right amount of interest at the right times.Smiling lets people see that you’re a fun, friendly guy who enjoys his life.Plus, when a woman sees you smiling it can get her smiling, too.To catch you up to speed here’s a brief rundown of the importance of body language along with a few tips on how to master the body language basics.

If you can enjoy being with her and flirting with her without needing her to like you (or respond a certain way) then you’re going to come across as incredibly confident and be much more attractive.

When you have confident body language you’re not only going to appear more attractive to women, but you will begin to feel more confident as well.

The key to having strong, confident body language is showing you’re relaxed and comfortable, yet powerful at the same time. You can start by keeping your spine erect (think as if a string is pulling you up from the base of your spine through the crown of your head) your head up, chest out, and shoulders rolled down and back.

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder rather than facing her directly.

This shows that you’re not too eager or too interested.

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Positive and negative body language Body language isn’t just about showing confidence and friendliness.

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