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I got the distinct impression that "she" was conducting more than one chat at the same time. When I suggested that I would call her at a pay phone or a friends house, she said she couldn't.

After several days of chatting, I became suspicious because of her constant proclamations of love. I was able to press her on her background, but she was probably using Wikipedia to find out what she needed on Poland as I was. Her long pauses between messages, poor grammar and language usuage at times, prompted me to tell her I needed to talk on the telephone. She also started throwing "You don't love me" barbs.

These community-starved people hold out hope that the internet can substitute for that lost social institution. She wouldn't accept a cell phone I would mail her because she doesn't "accept gifts from strangers," but seemed just fine to have me send her money through Western Union. The people doing it have grabbed several different techniques and text from many sources and stitched it together into a grab bag of things to write to unsuspecting surfers.

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