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Destruction of the topsoil prevented determining whether the trace disrupts the ground surface.

However, observations conducted at the site before the opening of the trenches failed to detect any topographic discontinuity C dating indicates that sedimentation has been fairly uniform over the past 5–7 centuries throughout the floodplain, at a rate of 2–4 mm/y (Additional information, Table S1-2).

This period of quiescence was preceded by a cluster of earthquakes that generated closely spaced seismites at the end of the Maya Classic Period, which damaged several Maya cities.Map generated using Arc GIS 10 and Cordel Draw 12 ( Location of the trenches (yellow star) and lake (red star) with respect to the Polochic fault trace (black solid lines).Orange: 2009 CE Los Chorros avalanche scar, deposits, and debris flow corridor.We combine ‘on-fault’ trench observations of slip on the Polochic fault (North America-Caribbean plate boundary) with a 1200 years-long ‘near-fault’ record of seismo-turbidite generation in a lake located within 2 km of the fault.The lake record indicates that, over the past 12 centuries, 10 earthquakes reaching ground-shaking intensities ≥ VI generated seismo-turbidites in the lake.

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(B) Close up map of Lake Chichój with coring sites (dotted circles).