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Similarly, the optional pct tag can be used to stage and sample your DMARC deployment.Since 100% is the default, passing “pct=20” in your DMARC TXT record results in one-fifth of all messages affected by the policy actually receiving the disposition instead of all of them.

Updates to your SPF record should always be tested before performing them by using our prevalidation SPF checker.Send an email to [email protected] from the source you’d like to test.Our tool will automatically analyze the authentication status for this mail.Once SPF and DKIM are in place, you configure DMARC by adding policies to your domain’s DNS records in the form of TXT records (just like with SPF or DKIM).The TXT record name should be “_dmarc.” where “” is replaced with your actual domain name (or subdomain).

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So, a conservative deployment cycle would resemble: While implementing DMARC you will use the DMARC data to analyze your current email flows.

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