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For adults it’s harder because we do have work, but then sometimes it’s just like work and home and then where are you supposed to meet people but it’s just some kind of regular activity that you do and if you find someone you think you want to be friends with there you just have to put yourself out there.

In the book, I say there isn’t just one love story in our lives, and I really think that’s true.Even if they didn’t and even if those friendships were still important to them, there was this feeling that my loyalty and my fidelity is to my home and my husband or my partner and my children.I interviewed my mom and women her age and that’s what they said, that’s kind of just where they were pointed and what they were taught to do. We have this open space and opportunity where we’re not told that and it doesn’t make any sense to drop those friendships when you do start dating someone or you do find a romantic partner.The way that friendships come about is not a shock but it is sort of hard to wrap your head around. Which is why you make friends at work or in your freshman dorm or your kindergarten class.It just has to be someone that you have access to on a pretty regular basis and that’s where that friendship will grow from.

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While female friendship is important for all women, it’s perhaps especially important for single women.