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Democratsdating com

It has been said many times but it needs remembering that the Lib Dems took huge losses during the Coalition.They lost 2000 councillors (about half their total), 11 out of 16 MSPs in Scotland and 1 out of 6 Welsh AMs as well as many MPs and MEPs.If recovery does not begin in 2016 it means that losing the Coalition will not be enough and Lib Dem recovery will be much more difficult, if possible at all.There are four separate contests next May: Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, English Locals and the London elections, all last fought in either 20.The 2016 elections are particularly important as first major post-Coalition test for the Lib Dems.

With the Conservative revival that started with David Cameron's election in late 2005 the Lib Dems already began to struggle, as they did in the Commons in the 2010 election well before the meltdown this May.

The Lib Dems are not going to win the Mayoral election short of a major miracle, nor are they likely to win any Assembly constituencies.

They haven't won a single one since the Assembly was founded and in 2012 they didn't even come 2nd anywhere.

Some evidence for optimism comes as well in the form of council by-elections since May.

34 council by-elections since the general where the Lib Dems put up a candidate before have seen an average increase in vote share of 5%, and over all by-elections since May the Lib Dems have made a net gain of 11 seats.

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The question is what can be the Lib Dem’s unique selling point for next May? Credible opposition to the The big factor that complicates this is the recent rise of UKIP particularly, and also the Greens.

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