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After getting off at the station there, Saroo felt tired so his brother told him to rest on a bench, promising to return soon, but it was the last time he would see his brother.When Saroo woke up at the station he did not see his, we learned that his father, Munshi, had abandoned the family when Saroo was three.Saroo says that he had only seen his father about two times in his whole life.A nonprofit child-welfare group known as the Indian Society for Sponsorship and Adoption (ISSA) visited the home regularly and felt that Saroo was a good candidate for adoption.He was transferred to an orphanage, cleaned up, and taught how to eat with a knife and fork (a skill that could improve his chances of being adopted).

He was raised by white parents in Australia, a world that greatly contrasts the one into which he was born, and Lucy is there in the film to remind us of that.The character was inspired by Saroo's real-life girlfriend at the time, Lisa Williams, an Australian.Like in the movie, Saroo became more determined to locate his birthplace after he began dating Lisa, in part because she had a fast internet connection at her apartment."If you found food on the ground and it smelt right, you ate it," said Saroo."If it was half eaten, three quarters eaten, food that someone had just five seconds ago threw away, you ate that.

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Eventually, he was given the news that he was going to live with Sue and John Brierley, an Australian couple who had adopted him.