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But machine perception—understanding what the camera sees (a pattern of orange and black), what it represents (a tiger), what that representation means (the possibility of being eaten), and how relevant it is to you from one minute to the next (not at all, because the tiger is locked inside a cage)—is almost infinitely harder.

Like other problems in robotics, tackling perception as a theoretical issue ("how does a robot see and perceive the world?

But you could also build a self-driving car an entirely different way without anyone in the driving seat—and this is how most robotics engineers have approached the problem.

That might sound like one question, but it's really several.Her biggest challenge so far has been helping to put out fires. Most likely a fictional creature like R2-D2 or C-3PO from Star Wars.Very likely a humanoid—a humanlike robot with arms, legs, and a head, probably painted metallic silver.It's easy enough to write entertaining stories about intelligent robots taking control of the planet, but just try developing robots like that yourself and see how far you get. Actually, where any robot engineer starts, by breaking that one big problem into smaller and more manageable chunks.Essentially, there are three problems we need to solve: how to make our robot 1) sense things (detect objects in the world), 2) think about those things (in a more less "intelligent" way, which is a tricky problem we'll explore in a moment), and then 3) act on them (move or otherwise physically respond to the things it detects and thinks about).

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If robots like C-3PO really did exist, how would anyone ever have developed them?

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